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Info Reviews 9 Statements 2 Photos 14 Chart. Bottle De Elsa Peretti. Where to buy. Search on. Halston Z Cologne is a popular perfume by Halston for men and was released in The scent is spicy-woody. The production was apparently discontinued.

Perfumers Vincent MarcelloMax Gavarry. Scent 7. Longevity 7. Sillage 7. Bottle 7. Value for money 9. Submitted by TVC15last update on Rate Collection Classify Notes. Sort of Nothing dated here, with an amazingly green opening, which is very bright and not synthetic at all floating over a heart of very well done cinnamon, cedar and geranium. Extremely versatile, Z can be worn year round. Translated Show original Show translation. So it says in the description of these breakfast cereals, Wait Wrong forum Or not??

It's about Halston Z Eau de Cologne, current version. Well I must say, the neck tone beats quite a lot at the beginning, but quickly becomes calmer and finally lies down quite gently to fade away. It begins pungent citric and very extreme after being sprayed on. It is loud. Very loud. First thought: Eugh, wash it off immediately. But I pulled myself together and behold, the lemon butterfly unfolds for 5 long minutes and cinnamon appears.

Bombastic lo of Cini Minnies rain from oversized cereal keys into my olfactory center. It also reminds me of Christmas and this fragrance lamp in our kitchen, which smells so good of blood orange-cinnamon scented oil during the Advent season. So the throat tone first swishes through the area, becomes rounder, the sting from the beginning is gone and you almost feel like a refreshing Big Red chewing gum.

Although the cinnamon never tastes sweet but remains warm and spicy. Spicy, incensey and discreetly it hangs in the air and on me. It is no longer loud but still present. The lemon still flashes through here and there, and I feel like a walking cinnamon stick in Z 14 halston and light incense Towards the end it gets a little mossy and minimally soapy and the lemon-cinnamon fun rises to the finale and leaves the stage.

Conclusion: You can indulge yourself and do a little time travel, somehow you waddle with Halston through a few nice hours and for Z 14 halston price, which is called on various online s for the current version, you can access without hesitation. If you like Z 14 halston as the main scent, you'll get your money's worth here, too. Finally I would like to mention the fancy bottle the neck tone is filled in. It is mMn so ugly and retro that I have to give 9 points for the bottle for this extravagance in the bathroom cabinet alone ; Thanks for reading. Helpful Review 1.

Z is moderately sweet. A very gentle and clean lemon scent flows out of the scent of sinking moss. As time goes by, cinnamon powder becomes noticeable, but at the same time it keeps feeling fresh like soap. Very classy and elegant. This report was written by a recent, inexpensive version, not vintage. Less helpful Review 2. Stumbled across H. Z and bought ml for little money 3 Replies.

Very helpful Review 7. Do you want to remove a hint of sadness? And clean old wounds trapped in your subconscious? Nothing Z 14 halston more appropriate than experiencing an astringent, refreshing and invigorating forest aroma to open horizons, reveal your wisdom and endure your personality. For this purpose, I always pick up a scent with a strong cypress note.

The cypress aroma is fresh, persistent, pine-like, resinous, smoky, slightly sweet, and balsamic. Encourages introspection, inner silence, meditation, and self-assessment. It is a tonic that reveals a sense of freedom and detachment. It acts as an oppressor and Z 14 halston the path to a moment of happiness. I remember using this scent as a teenager, but I almost forgot about its dark green scent. I only rediscovered this wonderful forest scent a few years ago. Is it a perfume by Tom Ford? It's Halston Z! This is a timeless fragrance.

Male woody, leathery and mossy "old schools" were the reaction of the fragrance community of the 70s to the citric, musky flowers of the 60s. Back then, this perfume went very well with short haircut young men who wore leather jackets, blue jeans, and Converse sneakers. And the scent was Halston Z Italian Cypress undoubtedly looks similar, but is 34 years younger and much more expensive Praise: 8. Price: It is advisable for men who are looking for a woody masculine scent.

In my opinion it goes very well with Encre Noire Eau de Toilette. Is it Z 14 halston buying blindly? I should flag it with the "Try before you buy" flag but buy it blindly because of its cheap price. It deserves to be part of a collector's shelf. Very helpful Review 9. This was the first fragrance I remember wearing in I was only 13 and surprisingly fragrance saavy. This was so urban. Growing up in the 70s let ones character develope freely. Halston ideal for me. I had no clue what was in it.

Z 14 halston

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