You know what they say about nice guys

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Top definition. The idea that if you are nice to a girl, compliment her, tell her how amazing she is everyday, and really just genuinely show her how incredible she is everyday, that you will never get her to love you. Sadly, this is more than true in most cases. You know when you love this girl, and you're always there for her no matter what, and she always goes for the assholes that cheat on every girl they date and treat them like shit?

Yea, thats cause your the nice guy. However, there is nothing wrong with you at all, and the truth is that it is her loss. Why do nice guys always finish last? Because they put their girlfriend first. Colin : Hey man, why wont she date you instead of going off with some other douche who never pays attention to her! Kyle: I dont know man, just proof that nice guys finish last. Jul 23 Word of the Day. A tourist to sub-orbital or orbital space, through commercial space flight programs. Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson alongside their crew became the first astrotourists, while visiting sub-orbital space in July It basically means that you will never have any sex whatsoever in your life if you don't treat women like shit.

The polite and well-mannered man who treated women like royalty realized too late that nice guys finish last. In the material sense, this is all too often true in that the price of success is forgoing one's integrity to satisfy a culture based largely on insincerity and self interest. Philosophically, the benefit of this lifestyle is debatable. Boy did you ever bomb that interview by not laughing at the recruiter's dead baby joke.

Nice guys finish lastfool! Nice guys finish last Can be a double entendre as it can refer to other meanings as well as the fact that a nice guy will let a woman have an orgasm s first thus "finishing" last. This is different from a man who's only concerned with getting themselves off and when they finish first, the women then often doesnt get to finish at all.

Like any other stereotype, only sometimes true. Being nice isn't a bad thing, but being TOO nice is. When you're overly nice and sympathetic, you make it easy for people to walk all over you and use you. You might go out of your way just to avoid hurting people's feelings, even if what you were about to do or say didn't really have the potential to hurt.

If you apply these traits to a guy interested in a girl, chances are she might not even take him seriously. Also a nice guy might think that all he has to do is be nice to girl and give her compliments and You know what they say about nice guyssex will fall out. If you are this guy, then yes, you will The nice guy is not manipulativeinstead he just has no idea how dating and the world works. If he were manipulative and trying to take advantage of her, he should be called the "manipulatively nice guy " or something like that.

If the term "nice guy" only referred to guys who are respectful of women, the phrase "nice You know what they say about nice guys finish last" probably wouldn't exist. To me it refers to a man who is of course a nice guy but one who doesn't fit the mold of his society which for this phrase is usually a piss poor society which the males and females are trashy and have few values and the women go for like kind. This man will perhaps have a few friends and if any of those friends happen to be female they'll not be interested in him because he is not of their mold. But people who come from a enviroment which is piss poor will most likely tell you "It refers to a guy who doesn't hit women or treat them like shit.

Which in their society treating the woman like shit is attractive. Or The ugly duckling. Nice Guy :Will you go out with me? Nice Guy's Female friend : Sorry not interested. Nice Guy : ohhhhhh : Nice Guy's Female friend :But don't worry you'll find a girl your a really nice guy just remember nice guys finish last.

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You know what they say about nice guys

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