What to wear on an outdoor date

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I'm far from a dating expert. My husband and I have been together a total of 15 years, so I've missed out on the whole Bumble and Tinder thing. That said, when my single friends are getting ready for their datesthey still choose to run their outfits past What to wear on an outdoor date, which I always find so flattering. After a decade spent working in fashion, I've become acutely aware of the small cues your clothing choices can make on your behalf, whether you know it or not.

You need to feel comfortable in your clothes, especially on a date. If you don't, you'll hold your body in an entirely different way than how you usually would, which makes it harder for the person you're with to connect with you. Wearing something that isn't you will send off the wrong als and completely change the tone of your meet-up.

Of course, get it right, and you'll feel good and confident in yourself, which can help everything else fall into place. Recently, with the nicer spell of weather we've been having, my friends have had an increasing of park-based dates. This, of course, means there's a whole host of decisions to be made. Shoes will need to be practical. As for clothing? It needs to strike the perfect balance between being stylish but not OTT and appropriate for your casual outdoor surroundings without looking as if you've made zero effort.

It might sound complex, but it can be done. In fact, I've found eight foolproof ensembles that tick all those boxes. From a classic jeans-and-nice-top combination to the skirt-and-shoe pairing that always works, here's what to wear to a date in the park. Shop the look:. Related Stories.

What to wear on an outdoor date

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