What is the difference between skunk and weed

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All members of the skunk family are descended from Skunk 1. Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold are both sativa landrace varieties hailing from the region around Acapulco in Mexicoand the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia respectively. Afghanistan produces potent, sturdy indica landraces. Combining these genetics resulted in a new strain that features the uplifting high and citrus flavours of its sativa side, together with the short flowering time, feeling of relaxation and heavy yields that are characteristic of indicas.

Far from being a new type of cannabis that has only emerged in the last few years as is frequently misreported Skunk 1 was originally bred in the s. Some reports date the original crossing as far back asin the Bay Area of San Francisco, California. Seeds of Skunk 1 were on sale in the US by Although it is possible that some examples made What is the difference between skunk and weed journey to Europe in the late s, the first confirmed arrival of Skunk 1 in the Netherlands in seed form was in These genetics have been preserved up to the present day.

Skunk 1 is still one of the most reliable and consistent cannabis strains available. It has probably parented more cannabis varieties than any other hybrid. One of the defining characteristics of its potent namesake strain is a scent reminiscent of the smelly spray of the skunk. This pungency is more developed in some of the hybrids created from the original, for example Shiva Skunk ; many others such as Sensi Skunk lean towards the sharp sweet citrus side.

This confusion of true skunk strains with any seedless, and therefore potent, cannabis continues over a decade after the original mistake. There is a link between cannabis use and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia; people with family histories of, or predisposition to, mental illness should seek medical advice before even considering cannabis use. Unfortunately this correlation has been reported as causation so often that it is accepted as fact by many people, despite the need for further studies and even some evidence that cannabinoids — in particular, CBD — can actually help people with a range of mental issues such as anxiety and PTSD.

Since then, THC levels in cannabis samples have steadily continued to rise as breeders and cultivators have developed hybrids to increase them. Therefore some breeders continually pushed for higher and higher THC to CBD ratios, unaware that they were creating strains that were more likely to be problematic for What is the difference between skunk and weed users. Running alongside the development of higher THC cannabis strains came the improvement of indoor grow systems.

As cannabis continued to get strongerso did the overall subjective experience for cannabis users. As mentioned, Skunk 1 was chosen to parent many other skunk strains thanks to its characteristic strength and potency.

As one of only a handful of breeders who received the original Skunk 1 genetics that were brought over from the US inSensi Seeds has developed many interesting skunk hybrids. The original Skunk strain is Skunk 1. It has been one of the biggest influences on cannabis genetics since the s. It has the characteristic sweet skunky smell and is well-known for its euphoric, yet relaxed high. Super Skunk was bred using Skunk 1 and a potent Afghani hash strain. Super Skunk was awarded a Cannabis Cup award shortly after its release in the s. This strain is extremely pungent, and has thick, dense, resinous buds.

Its taste is sweet and its effects are typically physical and relaxing. Early Skunk is an outdoor strain bred by Sensi Seeds. Bred from Skunk 1 and Early Pearl, this strain is an easy-to-grow indica-dominant hybrid. For users, it offers a euphoric, relaxed, and happy high with tendencies towards creativity and focused attention. Skunk Kush is also a strain bred using Skunk 1 and a heavy, Afghan strain. It has the same classic smell as its Skunk parent, but the big, open buds show its sativa genetics. It has a bitter orange scent, and typically makes users feel euphoric, relaxed and focused.

Sensi Skunk is a special variety of Skunk in that it has a citrus flavour rather than the typical pungent, earthy aroma. Its soporific effects are reported by users to be good for stress relief, sleep, and muscle relaxation. Shiva Skunk is the strongest skunk variety that Sensi Seeds created so far. From its skunk parent, Shiva Skunk gets the typical skunk aroma, while the heavy yields come from its Northern Lights parent.

Its effects lean more towards Northern Lights, What is the difference between skunk and weed potent stone. Shiva Skunk is a favourite of many people for consuming in evening. Given how many strains Skunk 1 has parented, it can safely be What is the difference between skunk and weed that skunk genetics will go on to play a big role in strains of the future. It is one of the most stable strains available, with genetics that have influenced countless cannabis varieties of the present day.

I have no idea of the history of the available strains of cannabis that were here at that time, rumours were Mexico and South-east Asia. Australia was a no, at least public knowledge-wise. Cannabis crops were soil-grown in remote forest areas, illegally.

If not true skunk, then whatever it was we smoking back then, it was knocking our socks off every time.! And of course, as you mention, with improved technology nowadays and broader knowledge of the plant itself, potency levels have been increased through hybridising — which is all good, a miracle to be able to pull off successfully despite cannabis plant survivability likelihood. However, again, at what cost? The origins of our Skunk 1 originate from crossing Acapulco Gold and Colombian Gold with a short, fast-flowering, and resilient Afghani landrace.

However, it is very possible that traveller bought some seeds over to New Zealand! Please check out the following articles on our blog which I think you may find of use, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog! The life cycle of cannabis: From seed to harvest. When can seedlings be put under lights or in the What is the difference between skunk and weed. Given your legal warning abovr to users of this blog — the current situation in NZ, regarding decriminalising or legalising cannabis growth and use — is it is still illegal.

A nationwide referendum co-inciding with our National Election insaw the NZ public divided at These have curiously slipped past most major media outlets here, print, radio, online. She is Labour so not much to figure there. It says:. The Misuse of Drugs Amendment Act became law on 13 August and affirmed existing Police discretion of whether prosecution or a health approach is preferable for personal drug possession and use.

The NZ Police have definitively begun moving toward referring first time offendees to drug counselers, or health mentors, both for mental and physical help etc [these are a free health services — no cost], as opposed to immediate conviction, court appearances, public conviction notices, essentially disproportionate punishment — or viewes another way, ineffective remedial strategy.

There is also a collective national maturing as cannabis crops are heavily grown in certain areas here for medical purposes and also the burgeoning problem we have here with methamphetamine, means NZ Police resources are accordingly being re-directed towards THIS plague as is public disquiet on an increasing basis. I know various members of the NZ Police personally and their thoughts are that change is not far away, helicopter forest surveillance which was an annual thing nationwide — chopped earlier this year — yes.

Tight Govt. No just kidding, I really do have a real job! So there it is. I could probably be arrested for posting to this blog… but for me, and the justice administration overseeing the case if that indeed happened, would further illustrate the ludicrous nature of an outmoded remedial [justice] process.

Have a happy and wonderful day everyone!!! Educating children maturely, without prejudice, as to what various plants like tobacco, sugar cane, peanut, ivy, bamboo, cannabis, garlic, aloe, cranberry just for starters. As risky as this sounds. You as a grown-up are still top dog though.

Tread with utmost caution. I will be. Thanks for the great informationand support from Rotorua! I have visited Te Puia, and spent some time walking in the Whakarewarewa forest, such a beautiful part of the north island! You make a great point. If there were more educational programmes available, there is a great possibility that cannabis would be more openly accepted in society like in North America.

They were amazing plants that grew from those seeds, many were dark purple, nearly black when harvested in early October in New York State. Several of them smelled strongly of skunk. It was a major concern on mornings when the dew and a breeze would enable the strong smell to travel. Some of my guerrilla grow sites were just off of popular trails. I had allowed those seeds to reproduce which gave me hundreds of amazing hybrids with astounding vigor. I just kept planting those seeds until they were gone?

Eventually, my entire grow, including several different sites, were ripped off. By then my seeds were gone. Thankfully, Sensi Seeds came into being to preserve many of the land race strains from around the world. The thing that amazed me the most was the psychoactive effects of some of the indica varieties. The Afghani weed was riveting but usually put me to sleep within the hour.

Some of the others from India, Nepal, etc. Thanks for your informative website. Thank you so much your kind words, and for sharing your experiences with collecting seeds from all over the world. Thank you for your comment. If you are looking for Skunk seeds, please go to our home and search for Skunk using the search bar. Possibly some of the most disgusting misuse of the term comes from Professor Sir Robin Murray who holds himself out as a leading scientist on the subject but in fact is a misleader, propagandist and dissembler.

Growing. Sensi Seeds 13 Dec Health. Culture. Michael Knodt 13 Dec Disclaimer: Laws and regulations regarding cannabis use differ from country to country. Sensi Seeds therefore strongly advises you to check your local laws and regulations. Do not act in conflict with the law. The Sensi Seeds Editorial team has been built throughout our more than 30 years of existence.

What is the difference between skunk and weed

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What Is The Difference Between Medical Cannabis And Skunk?