The sex chart

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At that point in my life, I was the only girl running with an all-male group of nerds who were obsessed with computers and science fiction. And then I leafed through Wizard. In the section The sex chart the titlewhere fantasy novels have maps, Varley had a complicated chart of all the sexual positions possible for his aliens, the Titanides, who possessed three sets of genitals. Every year, the Titanides competed for the best sexual positions, and the winners were allowed to reproduce. As I looked over the little boxes full of circles and arrows indicating group sex, solo sex, gay sex, and whatever-the-hell sex, I felt seen for the first The sex chart.

Titanide Sexual Ensembles chart by John Varley. The people in this book could be anything—any gender, any sexual configuration. Plus, did I mention that they were all centaurs, created by a benevolent AI who was also a gigantic artificial ecosystem in orbit around Saturn? So that was cool. Around that same time, I also started to get interested in science books written for adults. I was especially fond of the detailed sub in all these books, which reminded me of that chart from Wizard.

They turned sexuality into an ordinary part of human life that we could study, as opposed to some obfuscated blob of moral imperatives. In the long lists of sexual types, subtypes, and paratypes, I saw myself and my friends. I understood, for the first time, that sexuality could be described with zillions of options instead of just one or two. Humans have many identities that overlap. I tried a lot of different options, figuring out what fit for me.

As I grew older, however, I realized that there was a The sex chart side to all this labeling and scientific rationalization of sex and gender. These could be used to stigmatize us, to deny us jobs and separate us from our families. The sex chart forms of romance have been acknowledged, only to be forbidden. In the US, interracial and queer marriage were illegal within living memory, and marriage to more than one person is still unlawful. Which brings me back to science fiction. I flatten my gills against my neck, tuck in my tail, and try not to reveal my metal endoskeleton in public.

I write those stories, too. Too often, though, politicians, moralists, and scientists name us in order to identify abominations whose lives must be ended. My point is that I need science fiction to survive. But in the mutant palace of science fiction, I describe myself and the space I inhabit. One day, maybe, the identities we choose for ourselves will not be used against us. Until then, I will see you in my imaginary democracy, full of living beings you can barely imagine, each contributing care and love to the best of their ability.

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The sex chart

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