Songs for my girlfriend

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Get ready to be a little cheesy as PGG lists down the top 12 songs that guys can dedicate or sing to their girlfriends. Note that you need to have access to YouTube to see the videos. Pay attention to its lyrics below. Check out the lyrics below which will really make any girl head over heels when this song is sung Songs for my girlfriend them. By the way, I just wanted to add that the music video of Just the Way You Are is really cool and the girl is hot as well. There are times in our lives when we meet someone but things just get complicated.

Or times when you like someone so much but are too scared about getting married. This song from Train is just about all that. For those who sacrificed for a loved one: Iris by Goo Goo Dolls. You may lose friendships, ambitions and even ties with family members for the sake of the person you love. Now one of the rock songs that really embodies all these in its lyrics is Iris by Goo Goo Dolls.

This song is the official soundtrack of City of Angels, a very beautiful movie. The movie, starring Meg Ryan and Nicolas Cage tells a story of an angel who gave up his being an angel consequently, his immortality for the sake of the human being he fell in love with. The sad thing is that at the end of the story, the girl dies.

You know how your special someone be it your girlfriend or wife has that special magic? If you read the lyrics of the song, it describes how the guy is so drunk and somehow hypnotized with being in love. I have known many women who are so into this song. And rain falls angry on the tin roof As we lie awake in my bed. My love is alive — not dead. Tell me that we belong together. Dress it up with the trappings of love. See yeah we used to be a team Running the streets yeah We was living out our dream, ohh You used to be my rider I was your provider Now we separated in two Oh and baby you left and sailed Songs for my girlfriend alone Yeah, alone And now you got me trapped up on this island With no way to get home.

And I dont wanna go, go I dont wanna go, go I dont want it no, no I dont want it no, no I dont want to walk this earth If I gotta do it solo solo. The chorus goes like this:. I also recommend that you read the entire lyrics of the song. Even the first part is a really good one:. For those who want to cheer up their girlfriends: Down by Jay Sean. Think again. This song is also a romantic song. It actually has a candlelight version here. Check out its lyrics below. Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down?

Down, down Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down? Down, down Even if the sky is falling down? This song is a good one for those who realize that breaking up was a wrong decision. Can relate to it? Watch the video below.

This song by rockstar Aerosmith revolutionized the way rock music is. It was my first time to hear this song in It seems to be overplayed in the radio Songs for my girlfriend I initially thought it was a new song. Nevertheless, its lyrics are Songs for my girlfriend of the best that you can dedicate to a loved one especially if you two are both religious. So there you have it. Now if you were to choose, which one will you dedicate to your girlfriend or special someone? Feel free to comment below. Dating problems? Get first-hand advice from the other guys. the PGG Forums. As a guy living in Bonifacio Global City in Manila, Philippines, I have a strong interest in writing about men's fashion, lifestyle, pop culture and gear for guys.

Id definately have to say iris by goo goo dolls or i dont wanna miss a thing by aerosmith is the best. Another good song that isnt on here is lips of an angel by hinder. This goes out to all the guys out there. This is the perfect love song for your girl. And I know your girl will love it cause mine did, and she cried.

I agree with bobby. I also have some other requests? Songs for my girlfriend right here waiting, by Richard Marx? We are now not sure the area you will be obtaining your information and facts, nonetheless excellent theme.

My partner and i needs to expend a bit finding out a lot more or being familiar with far more. Many thanks for fantastic facts I had been in search of this info for my quest. Woah this kind of blog site is extremely good i really like reading your posts. Maintain the truly great art! Ryan I searched Nu Flavor and found that the songs seemed to be specifically writen for me thats how perfect it is for me.

I hope this information has given you some useful info on roofs. After aiming for about two minutes and a half, he pulled the trigger. Neighbours were few inhigh were only three other women living inside the neighbourhood — all lived in Songs for my girlfriend choice of bark huts or tents using their young children.

Thanx Brah…. You ROCK! Jesse — that is a nice song. Never fails to sweep women of their feet. I gave the lyrics on a up to pretty to my GF and she said she loved it, i may do it again with one of these. The art of succinct compliments by summertimes end is good. There goes my baby by Usher has been a favorite of mine. Just a thought, and definitely worth a listen if not familiar with the song. Alot of these are great songs either on the list or in the comments though too!

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Songs for my girlfriend

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