Single farmers looking for love

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SIA, a national organization with headquarters in Stockton, Ill. Elmer and Maria Mess are a good example of the success SIA can have pairing off single farmers, and the difficulties faced when trying to merge lives in a rural environment. They danced a few times, but that was about it.

But they met at other SIA events later in the year. By that November, they were engaged. In Maria, Elmer found many shared qualities. They were both widowed. Her husband had died in a tractor accident. His wife had died of cancer. She was a hard worker who stayed active. She had a nice family. She loved to dance. She also had quite a history, he learned.

Maria was born in Germany. When she was 21, she married a U. She still visits Germany fairly frequently, and even brings Elmer along. They were in Germany on Sept. It took them a couple weeks to get back to the United States, he said. Her decision to move in with Elmer was a big one, and the first year was kind of rough, he said. They both have four grown children, with 20 Single farmers looking for love between them. Elmer helps some of his kids run the family farm — mostly corn and soybeans with a vegetable and greenhouse operation on the side.

Maria rents out her old Nebraska farm, which is mostly pastureland and corn ground, Elmer said. SIA helped Elmer and Maria come together, and has helped other people meet, too, but the organization needs to find ways to attract a younger crowd, he said. SIA, which celebrated its 21st anniversary this year, claims to be the oldest agriculture singles group in the United States.

Members are getting older and more than a few have gotten married, Hall said. There are plenty of farmers and ranchers in their 20s and 30s who are single, divorced or widowed, and they just might be interested in meeting each other, Hall said. There are 12 SIA chapters in 16 states, but there are plans for expansion. Hall would like to start a chapter in her home state of Kentucky next year. SIA organizes three national events a year and dozens of regional events, including dances, barbecues, tours, canoe rides, scavenger hunts and other activities, Hall said.

They can still come to any event and are encouraged to host events in their own regions, Hall said. Elmer and Maria still attend SIA events and help put them together. For any organization to survive, people have to get involved, Elmer said.

The next national event is scheduled for Sept. To learn more, visit www. Vertical greens growing trend gets its own USDA grant. Multiple factors shape vegetable crop. Tags: Crop ManagementEquipmentSweet corn. Latest News Pest ControlWest. Food SafetyLeafy GreensMidwest. TechnologyWaterWest.

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Single farmers looking for love

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Single farmers looking for love