Sexy camping stories

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My stepmother and I have always been very close. Dad started dating Prema when I was four and then married her when I was five. Dad is traveling salesman so gowning up my stepmother was my main parental figure as dad was often on the road. In fact I was closer to Prema than he was as he got to see her very little. From the time that I was four Prema has woke me up and put me to bed every night with a hug and a kiss.

I was looking just as the towel she had Sexy camping stories around Sexy camping stories came loose and fell to the floor. I could see that she had a very nice figure with firm, perky tits and a sexy, well rounded ass. Her pussy was covered with a soft and delicious looking pelt of jet black hair that gave me a violent hard on. Her long black hair and green eyes are a family trait that all the women in her family have. It was Friday morning and I was eating my breakfast when my step-mom came into the kitchen and dropped a little surprise on me. What do you say? I was dressed, packed and ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

As I carried my gear downstairs I saw that my step-mom had already packed her things and had them sitting by the door. We loaded them into the car and off we went. Being that we live so far north and it was the middle of November, it was blistering cold outside. Not quite freezing, but still in the low 40s. After a three hour drive, we got to the spot where we always park our car. We got out, gathered our equipment and had a quick bite to eat, before we started the five hour hike to where we do our camping. Everything was tucked neatly into our backpacks.

My rifle was slung over my shoulder, just in case we ran into an aggressive animal. It was close to 4 in the afternoon and it looked like we were going to get rained on so we moved up the hill until we found a small nearly level spot to set up a camp. Just as we set our packs down, it started to rain and, almost immediately, the rain became a cold, drenching downpour. The temperature was near freezing so our wet hands were soon hurting from the Sexy camping stories.

By the time we got the tent set up, our clothes were completely soaked and neither of us had a dry spot on us. Wet to the bone, cold and shivering, we ducked into the tent and collapsed on the tent floor. In this downpour, there was no way that we were going to be able to start a fire, to warm up and dry out. I ducked outside and did a quick look-around but it must have been washed down the hillside. Now there was only mine and it was the only thing we had that was remotely dry. As soon as she was undressed, she crawled into Sexy camping stories down-filled sleeping bag and told me to do the same.

Get those wet clothes off and get in here. As I stripped down to my underwear it dawned on me that I was about to get into a one person sleeping bag with my naked stepmother. We were both experienced enough to know how to survive and, at this altitude, I knew that the temperature would drop into the teens, or lower, by midnight. I quickly slid my wet shorts off and tossed them on the pile with our other clothes. She unzipped the bag and in the little light that was available, I saw her full tits, with their hard nipples staring back at me.

She slid over as much as she could but the bag was built for only one person. As I slid into the bag, I had my back to her because the last thing I wanted was to have her feel my dick rubbing down the entire length of her body but the problem was that there was no way we could fit, this way. Now get in next to me, facing me. It really was the only way we would fit together in the sleeping bag. I still had a hard time getting into the bag and literally had to grab hold of her to pull myself down into it. As my dick reached her butt I got quite a surprise.

I was wrong. My cold wet Sexy camping stories was sliding down the crack of her ass. Home Mature Sex with my stemom at camping. Hot Sex stories: Planned day. Hot Sex Sexy camping stories Wife goes to work and brings back a creampie. Spread the love.

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Sexy camping stories

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Camping Proximity – A Short Story Of Female Erotica