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By Nellie Khossousi. By Austin Dalley. By Sexual encounter blog. By Steven Knollmeyer. This post was contributed by Raphaella Brice. You have the utmost desire to mingle with people, make new friends, travel, and of course: be a hoe. You have no connection with anyone and vice versa. This creates the perfect recipe for dating. You could pretend to be whoever you want because Sexual encounter blog world is l iterally at your fingertips.

And boy, did I love it. I traveled a bit throughout the States and to Haiti when I was a youngin, but I had never been to Europe. My mom spent some time in Belgium, and she would always tell me about her experiences… some of them were amazing and some were meh. And, the rest is history. I wanted to get the full experience myself. As usual, it was a Friday night and I went out with a couple of foreign friends to one of the best bars on the bar strip in Leuven, Ambriorix.

Belgium became my second home during my study abroad experience, so Leuven and I have a special relationship. Since urban culture is scarce in the Dutch part of Belgium, I made it my duty to get a name out of this man. The night progressed, along with the occasional ordering at the bar and the quick yet lengthy small-talk between us.

Losing track of time on the dance floor and peeping it was 5 am, this intentional man walked me home and we exchanged Snapchats millennials, I tell yaand we agreed to meet the next night. I often found myself desperately searching for an answer to this exhausting question: What are we?

Obviously, my willpower is non-existent, and I found myself timidly sitting on the side of his bed later that night. What can I say? It is what it is. In his room, we began to kiss. Our energy was raw and passionate. I was shook. Never in my 20 years of living did one of my regular hookups resort to entering the point of no return during a sexual encounter. What type of blasphemy did I just experience? Did he not Sexual encounter blog the picture from my first reaction? At that moment, I knew that my sex-life leveled up because a situation like this had never occurred back in The States.

I got a glimpse of the kinky side of European men that my friends, who lived abroad, warned me about. This epiphany resonated with me and to this day, it still has me in shock. Life experiences are the best teachers! Raphaella is currently studying abroad in Leuven, Belgium. By Noran Morsi. It is cold for the first time this year.

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Search Type and press enter. Featured Stories Play the video. Play the video. June 04, 7 min read. Raphaella Brice. Follow us 1 followers. He had me question my purpose in life. Stressed by the sudden surreal moment, I had to take a couple seconds Sexual encounter blog silence. Dating abroad is scandalous. Go out and seek the world! Written by Raphaella Brice. Write a comment.

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Sexual encounter blog

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