One night stand with married woman

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Listen Now - Marriage Builders Radio. Print Thread. Well this is a question I am sure has been asked a million times on this site. But now I am going through it and I am falling apart. Me and my wife been married for 9 years and have four children. We have a great relationship and get along great. We have had our ups and downs when we were dating and she would break up with me and not tell me why. She would just say that she did not want to be in a serious relationship any more, and then I would always find out from friends that there was always another guy.

I know I know I was stupid for always taking her back but I love her very much and all I could see was what I wanted. Well fast forward to dec 19th She is a server a a restaurant. She and been working a few doubles to get extra money for Christmas. She called me at 3pm to say she was on a break and just wanted to check in.

Then she text me at pm saying that when she was done cleaning up her and two friends that she works with were going to get a sandwich. I asked her were and she told me they were going to a place just right down the street from her work. I told her to hurry because I missed her and she said I will. Well I wake up at am and she is not home. I text her "were are you" no answer.

I call her at am no answer. At this point I am very worried so I load the kids up and drive down to her work to see if I can find her. Of course all the businesses were closed, her car was right in front of her work. So by this time its am I call her again, still no answer. At am I text her "you or who ever your with needs to call me right now" she text back she was with her friend looking for keys in her car. I text her One night stand with married woman no answer, call her no answer. I was parked a couple hundred yards behind her car and after about five minutes a car pulls up behind hers.

They sit there a while and dont get out. So I pull in front of her car and in the driver seat is a guy. I walked up to her side of the car and knock on her window. She was looking at him, she did not turn toward me right away. Finally he pointed at me and she looked at me, and he rolled down the window. She gets out and is VERY drunk. Me and the guy have a few words, he ends up saying he was just helping out and he just gave her a ride back to her car.

I asked her who that was and she said it was a guy she works with. She said they all went out and ended up back at her friend Jessica's house. She lost track of time and her phone was on silent so she just saw my one text. She swears nothing happened and he just gave her a ride, because he was the only one sober enough to drive. Well we get home and I read some other text on her phone. There were several back and forth from him to her, from that night. She sent him some saying, "your funny but cute" "you know I want you right" and so on.

So by know I am really mad. She said that the text were from one of here friends she works with that went out with them and that she has a crush on him. This girl does not have a cell phone so my wife said she was using hers. My sister used to work there as well and she confirmed she dose use my wifes cell, and this girl dose have a crush on him. So here I am, we are now in counseling because I have lost my trust in her. Every day is hell and I don't know how to cope. Counseling is slow and this is really hard. Any advise. Do you buy her story?

I don't buy it for a second. Any kids? How long married? Under what circumstances would you refuse to remain married to her? Fully Recovered. You know, before all this happened to me and I started reading all this stuff, I might have bought her story. I agree with Kahuna. NFW would I beleive her story. This isn't innocent, a one night stand, or the first time its happened. Don't be gaslighted. Give us more details about your situation and marriage. Those texts aren't innocent, show that there is flirting with another man in a big way and that there's probably been stuff that has already happened.

Sorry you're here. If you have kids, I'd have a lawyer ready on One night stand with married woman dial. I contested it and got a lot more time with my. She's unhappy that I want to stay involved in their lives and don't settle for being an "every other weekend" dad. Never going to happen. Ongoing personal recovery through the help of friends, family, and DC United Soccer! Originally Posted By: bigkahuna. We have four children One night stand with married woman, 5, 4, and 2. We have been married for 9 years.

The only way I would not stay is if this stuff keeps happing. We have a great relationship other wise. She is a great One night stand with married woman. She is going to school on line, stays at home with the kids when I am at work, and goes to work when I get home. She has to much on her plate if you ask me. But she does not see it that way. I just wish there was somting I could say that would make her tell me the truth. This stuff with me thinking that see did have an affair and her lying about it is killing me.

I really hate saying that as it will be devastating for your children but I see little option given her record. Originally Posted By: pomdbd3. So now you have to take some steps to put an end to whatever is happening. Second, start spying for more solid proof.

Get into her computer and and you'll likely find more of the truth. Look at your cell phone records online. They'll contain a calling and text history.

One night stand with married woman

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I’m fixated on a one-night stand my wife had before we met. What should I do?