Massage ladies in singapore

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Every spending situation is unique. Life in Singapore can be so hectic that a minute massage is an ideal way to just unplug from it all, and give yourself time to rest and reflect. When everything lines up right — the ambience is ideal, the treatment suits your budget and your therapist is hitting all the right spots — a massage is the very definition of an affordable luxury.

We surveyed some very popular and non-illicit massage places in Singapore. Read on for our handpicked, best massage places in Singapore for low, mid and high budgets. Last updated on 23 Massage ladies in singapore Prices for massages listed in this article are subject to change without prior notice. You can also request various add-ons to enhance your session, including hot stone therapy or aromatherapy.

Address: No. However, do expect to walk out feeling way better, with all the knots kneaded out from tight shoulders and back. Definitely worth it if you can handle an intense massage. They are also one of the more prolific massage chains in Singapore, operating in eight locations.

The Massage ladies in singapore price, wide variety of massages and widespread location means Healing Touch checks all the basic boxes. Do read the terms and conditions before booking. Minimum duration 60 mins. Early bird discounts are available for all weekday massages before 1pm. Choose either a Swedish massage said to be good for relieving tension and improving blood flow or a Shiatsu massage for eliminating muscle soreness and stiffness. Think cozy rooms, meditation music and peace and quiet. Healing Touch offers two additional Massage ladies in singapore that are priced slightly higher.

It also has another tier of massages that cater to those seeking specific health outcomes. The Aromatherapy Massage incorporates essential oils to repair the nervous system, relieve stress and improve mood, memory and immunity. The Hot Stone Massage is deed for shedding excess fat, achieving detoxification and shedding of cold dampness in the body.

Lastly, the Lymphatic Detoxification massage aims to promote lymphatic circulation for illness prevention. It also in softer more elastic skin and a healthy glow. Spa Esprit is an upscale, stylish spa with outlets in the shopping and CBD core of Singapore to serve its target clientele of harried professionals seeking a perk-me-up. It provides four different massages that uses different combinations of essential oils, hot stones and massage techniques for a multi-sensory session. Ikeda Spa is probably known for being the next best thing to actually taking a flight to Japan and dipping yourself in an onsen.

The multi-award winning spa offers eight different types of treatments, catering to diverse needs from body relaxation to pre-natal. Aguria Spa at Capella Hotel encourages guests to arrive at the spa 45 minutes before their appointments to make full use of their facilities including the ice fountain and showers with tropical mist.

Specific techniques, products, and scents are combined to curate unique experiences dedicated to each lunar phase New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full Moon, Waning Moon. Remede Spathe in-house spa at The St Regis, styles itself as a decadent urban sanctuary with treatments inspired by ancient traditions.

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Massage ladies in singapore

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