Magic mushroom tea

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Everyone knows that cooking with love means better dishes! When you put love in what you do, your Magic mushroom tea will always garner great. This being said, the second most important thing is using good quality ingredients — and magic Magic mushroom tea are no exception: use only the best dried mushrooms available.

Select the black or herbal tea of your choice of course, but steer clear of caffeinated tea. Caffeine in tea has the same effect as it does in coffee, so it could make you restless. The presence of uppers adds nothing to the psychedelic experience, apart from possible discomfort on both a physical and emotional level. The most recurring question about this recipe is this: will the mushrooms lose potency if placed in boiling water? At this temperature, the less stable psilocin deteriorates straight away — psilocybin is more resistant, but in the cup infused with the teabag the temperature dwindles quickly enough to s less destructive to the active substances.

As a matter of fact, you gain something in flavour — and the reduction in nausea is a good bonus too. Another question regarding ground mushrooms which remains after their preparation is this: throw them away, or eat them? Making tea makes sense as a way to avoid eating the mushrooms, as the time they sit in your stomach before becoming effective is the period in which you risk nausea.

There will be very little of use left in them anyway. Summarised, the instructions are as follows: finely grind the mushrooms; put them in plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice; mix well; wait 25 minutes max, and ingest. The lemon will cover the mushroom taste somewhat, but more importantly accelerate the rise of the effect and in doing so reduce the timespan in which you might feel sick.

Personally, this is my preferred method, but the taste of this mushroom and lemon concoction is objectively better than the taste of dry mushrooms on their own. Moreover, it being in a liquid form is advantageous as you can swallow it down much faster. The longer you have to chew, the longer you have to taste. Conversely, if you drink it in a hurry the rise will be decidedly quicker. A very speedy come up, which starts at around minutes tops and reaches its peak much more rapidly could scare some people.

Some people maintain that tea produces a much shorter trip, but Magic mushroom tea more deny this claim. I believe that the material of the fungus tends to prolong the duration of the trip, the release of the active ingredients taking place slower. If you cut up the mushrooms and eat only the active ingredients, it makes sense that it can last not quite as long, but let me repeat: there is no sure fire rule for everyone.

Even me personally, I can experience many different variables with the same dose. Tea is also a method of interest for those taking mushrooms for the first time. Here are a few things to keep in mind though: do not exceed the gram and a half limit, and drink slowly; ideally, you must take minutes to finish it too, allowing the effect to come up progressively and reducing the risk of nausea to a minimum or even ruling out sickness altogether.

It might go that way, and it might not. Another magic mushroom recipe! This one is very simple, and has its pros and cons compared to the tea method. Keep your preferences and needs in mind while reading. This will increase the acidity and facilitate the conversion of psilocybin to psilocin. Alternatively, you can put the Magic mushroom tea mushrooms in a blender, add in the already squeezed orange and lemon and then blend well.

What advantage does this method offer over drinking mushroom tea? If you suffer from nausea when consuming mushrooms, this method is less efficacious at reducing that. I, for one, never have, not once. Some people get it the first few times, but not after that. Try to pay attention to this, and you might be able to resolve the issue quickly and easily. For some, nausea might come from little more than the nasty taste of the dry mushrooms. This way, you might not detect any flavour at all. The possible recipes for consuming mushrooms are too many to count.

The combination with chocolate is a nice one, not to mention the fact that chocolate contains substances which synergise well with the psychoactive properties of fungi. Save my name and in this browser for Magic mushroom tea next time I comment. There are so many reasons why one would want to try, or not try, hallucinogens.

Every Magic mushroom tea person considering having a psychedelic experience has a reason of their own. What draws you to mushrooms? Share if you like! Continue Reading.

Magic mushroom tea

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