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in. There are many reasons why you may need to find out who is in a photo and run a reverse image search. Sometimes, you need to check if the person who just sent you a friend request on Facebook or LinkedIn is the real person or if that person is using a fake profile photo. In sourcing, a rev e rse image search can be quite handy when you are trying to find more information about someone. Because many people use the same profile photo on various social sites, a reverse image search is a handy trick to find other social media profiles.

Performing a reverse Look for someone online search is quite easy. Go to images. There are many other tools you can try, such as image searching via Bing, Yandex, TinEye, and others. I had the same question, so I ran a test to find which one gave me the best. To find out which search engine is the best, I created two quite similar tests. I also added five random people from LinkedIn, four random profile from Facebook, and I also added my profile photo.

I tested all those profiles photos via all the online reverse image search engines I found. And I also performed a test with Look for someone online much larger of profile photos, but the were quite similar to the first test. The only difference was that Yandex was slightly better than others. As you can see Google, Yandex, and TinEye will get you the most. Other search engines will help you to find the source of photos on Reddit, such as Karma Decayand photos or artwork on various other sites. You can also use SocialMapperwhich can identify or recognize any person through a photograph and Look for someone online and follow-up on social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, VKontakte, and a few other sites.

SocialMapper also collects all the information published by the user. If you have lots of data and you need to perform some analysis, you can try Amazon Rekognitionwhich can perform an analysis of either an image or a video. This tool is more than enough to identify objects, text, activities, people, and scenes in your data. You can also use an application called PimEyeswhich is an online face search engine that goes through the Internet to find pictures containing given faces.

This application uses face recognition search technologies to perform a reverse image search. The AI in these tools is getting better every year and imagine what kind of data a company like Facebook already has about our faces and how useful its algorithms are. Bing has also introduced a visual search tool that will have a great future. Imagine seeing a photo of a lamp that you would like to purchase, but when you run the image search, you find the same picture but not the lamp itself.

You can isolate a particular person or object in the picture, and Bing will find it for you. More tools like Visual Search will continue to hit the internet because that type of search is excellent, especially when you connect it with shopping.

You could find the product you saw and immediately buy it with one more click. New technology is wonderful and brings lots of positive aspects into our lives and work, but it also brings negative ones, such as fake news.

For example, the OpenAI research group recently announced Look for someone online new AI writer that can create fake writers. OpenAI decided not to release the technology behind the project publicly because it could be used for the wrong reasons. Have fun with those tools! This article was first published on sourcecon. About the author: Jan is a Talent Acquisition Leader with progressive experience managing teams and establishing processes. He has extensive experience in full life cycle recruiting and a broad knowledge of international recruiting and sourcing. Gamesas well as many other projects.

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Look for someone online

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