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Yahoo Messenger Y! M is a communication software that is specially made for those users who want the fastest and easiest way to chat and share lots of photos, animated GIFs, and videos instantly. The software release in and owned by Yahoo. It provides free of charge and can download and use with the generic Yahoo ID that allows access to other yahoo servers including yahoo mail etc. Yahoo Messenger offers pc-to-pc, pc-to-phone, phone-to-pc, webcam hosting, file transfer, and text messages service, etc.

It is one of the best chat software that offers lots of key features such as like button, send, group conversation, send voice and video messages, and URI scheme. It is available to use on multiple platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Android, etc. It has multiple games and apps available that can be accessed via the conversation window by just click on the game or application icon.

Miranda IM is a multi-protocol instant messaging setup for the Windows Like yahoo chat rooms systems that provide the users with the system for basic and important client framework. In addition to providing users with their own integrated features and functions, Miranda IM app also provides the users with the extra plugin architecture system. In addition to work as an independent instant messenger, Miranda IM even lets the users receive the messages from the other messengers and share the same to them also.

Miranda IM is one of the best messaging clients whose highlighted features includes highly customized environment, extreme level of adjustability, contacts management approach, full messages archive database, and more. It is a highly secure and private environment for chatting so that you can share data as well as files in the most secure and elegant Like yahoo chat rooms. Despite Like yahoo chat rooms fact it is providing all these Like yahoo chat rooms, there is still no system of advertising in the Miranda IM.

It is popular for its features preserving users anonymously such as allows the users to register without providing the phone s. Kik mobile application is more than just a messaging that allows you to send images, videos, games, and gifs whatever you want. It is the easiest way to connect with your friends, stay in the loop and explore all through conversation. Kik allows you to stay in touch with all of your friends, no matter who you are, or what device you are using. Chat one-on-one, with your whole group or with a bot.

Kik is one of the Like yahoo chat rooms ways Like yahoo chat rooms discover and meet new friends from all over the world. Cotap is a cross-platform Like yahoo chat rooms multifunctional text, voice and video calling program that lets the users make free audio and video calls with other Cotap users and send messages for free as well. The main area of service by the Cotap are sending messages, voice messages, and sending large media, and docs files.

Cotap is not about sending and receiving messages only, but it is more than just a messaging platform. It can be used for business purposes as well, where the team members can make collaboration with each other by sharing files and data of the company with each other. It contains an all-in-one integration system that Like yahoo chat rooms used for synchronizing all-important platforms at one centralized platform of the Cotap and making collaboration in all segments. The consumer and customer focusing system of Cotap is entirely different from the other messaging and calling platforms.

Here is no method of searching for other people via their phone. In last but not least, there is the security system of the Cotap that provides the users complete control over all of their communications and how they want to deal with their communication and data that they are sharing with other Cotap users. CometChat is a desktop messenger that allows the users to enjoy the features of the text, audio and video chat from the desktop of Windows or Mac OS X operating systems. CometChat is the platform of dozens of features and functions that are available in shape of option for one-on-one chats and even group discussion, broadcast messaging system, announcements, single-player games, desktop notifications system, and more.

You can launch Facebook fan directly from the CometChat, get the notification of tweets directly in the CometChat, translate the conversation into various others international languages, audio call system, video conferencing, screen sharing, send files and data and a lot of other feature and functions that are simply beyond the messaging and calling.

The best about CometChat is that in addition to providing the users with the system of text, audio, and video calling, CometChat offers the users to get their social media s organized at a central platform as well. The users on their own can opt for either one-on-one discussion or group discussion and can go for video conferencing as well.

Users are even allowed to send files to the other CometChat users within few minutes without even caring about the size of the file. Telegram X is free to use messaging application that focuses on Security. With this application, you can easily send and receive unlimited text messages, images, videos, audios, voice messages and even play a variety of games together with friends. As compared to all the other messaging applications it has a massive range of unique emoji and stickers and allows you to create your own sticker that makes it better than others.

Telegram X introduces a new theme change feature and allow you to change multiple themes that depend on your model. You can be also able to customize each theme with own color and images. The application also includes lots of prominent features such as to send and receive document files, send location, a huge range of stickers, play videos before download and play games, etc. Overall, Telegram X is an excellent messaging app for all ages. Skype is a communication and instant messaging platform that lets users make free calls and freely send text messages to each other.

Skype also provides the international call system at mobile and landline s at a very cheap rate. In addition to making calls and sending messages, the free service of Skype can be used to share files and data. Skype ensures the HD video calls in HQ voice subject to the mac and camera of the users. Being multiplatform, Skype can be accessed from anywhere, either it is a desktop PC or any smartphone operating system. Skype allows its users to make group video calls from mobile phones and tablets. It is a massively enjoyable, secure, and exquisite way to stay connected with your friends and family members.

The most updated system of Skype is chatting in one language and getting translated into other languages. WhatsApp is a multiplatform, instant messaging, and audio chatting app to have a quality time while watching content. It supports video chatting, as well. Most of the people like to use WhatsApp for creating and ing groups.

The best about WhatsApp is that it can be used as an instant messenger and social networking platform at the same time. WhatsApp allows its users to create and groups of others as well to have endless conversations. They can then share videos, images, links, gifs, documents, text messages, audio messages, clips, and all other necessary information in groups.

In Like yahoo chat rooms of instant messaging, WhatsApp is an elegantly deed social app for making free calls and sending messages for free. If you are a regular user of text messaging and most of the contacts in your phone directory are using WhatsApp, then instead of paying for the cellular packages, you can use WhatsApp to send free messages to any other WhatsApp user.

It also supports all the media files, doc files, and other types of file sharing. The best about WhatsApp is that it never disrupts the communication of its users by showing during the conversation. Telegram Messenger is a highly encrypted messaging platform that allows users to send messages and make communications across the globe in a highly private and secret environment.

Unlike most of the instant messenger, Telegram Messenger never locates the identity of its users and does not keep an eye on the behavior of its users. Other features for communication in Telegram Messenger are almost the same, just like other messaging applications.

Telegram Messenger users can enjoy sending messages, large files, and media with other Telegram Messenger users for free. Telegram Messenger app brings the system of group creation where like-minded people can create the public or private group to share the informational and amazing stuff with their family members and friends. At the same time, two hundred people can become part of these groups.

Telegram Messenger app features the connection with other Telegram Messenger users, coordination in the shape of Like yahoo chat rooms groups, synchronization with all devices, sending of documents of any type, sending encrypted messages, self-destruct messaging system, and a lot of others.

Digsby is an instant messaging,and social networking application that is used for managing all type of private and open communications. The three main areas of services of Digsby is instant messaging systems, notification system, and social networking systems.

The instant messaging system of Digsby allows the users to communicate and chat with the other Digsby users and even with the users of AIM, MSN, Yahoo, and other messaging programs as well. There is a proper notification system in the Digsby that is for basically getting the Like yahoo chat rooms if new s right in the inbox of Digsby and putting the action in shape of delete or report spam directly from the inbox of Digsby.

Digsby also works as a social networking platform as well, where the users can monitor their activities over social media platforms as well. They can quickly know about the events and get the live newsfeed from their friends as well.

In short, Digsby is a platform that, in addition to instant messaging, provides the users with the system of social networking and management as well. While on the other hand, the feature of audio and video call is missing in the Digsby. Nimbuzz is an instant messenger and calls service provider from where you can enjoy making free calls and sending free messages without any limits. Nimbuzz brings the finest way to stay connected with your friends and family members.

Only a few video calling and chatting programs are offering the feature of calling to the international mobile and landline s, and it is among a few of them. Nimbuzz app allows its global users to make free calls or send text messages for free without even caring for the of messages sent or the time duration of the calls, as in the case of Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz all is every free.

However, you can make calls to the international landline and mobile s by purchasing the credit of the Nimbuzz first that is available at very cheap rates. After that, you can make calls to any mobile as well. Like yahoo chat rooms main features of Nimbuzz are video calling, HD voice calling, group chat systems, stickers to decorate the chatting, chat rooms for social communication, video chat system, and much more.

The features of Nimbuzz are beyond just messaging and chatting. Facebook Messenger that is commonly known as the Messenger is a desktop commination and messaging program being offered by the Facebook Messenger for messaging, voice chatting and calling. Fb Messenger is integrated with the chatting feature of Facebook and also work as independently as well. The users of Facebook Messenger can chat with their friends and those added in the contact list.

They can even make voice and video calls as well in the same way as they do on the apps of Facebook Messenger or the website of Facebook. Messenger also introduce Rooms feature that allows users to make video calls with more than 50 users around the world. The ultra-fast and straightforward messaging and chatting platform of Facebook Messenger allows the users to chat and make calls to any operating system without any distraction. The Facebook Messenger is backing it, but in terms of features and functions, Facebook Messenger has no affiliation with Facebook.

The main highlighted features of Facebook Messenger are made HD calls to anyone, snap photos and shoot videos, use stickers to make the conversation colourful, record voice messages and send to the others, group chatting system, and a lot of others. Facebook Messenger is entirely different from Facebook, which is only a social networking platform. Facebook Messenger has its unique features of communication and conversation. HipChat is an instant messaging and video chatting platform for the desktop environment that provides the users with the system of private and group chat, file sharing, and data integrations.

The app contains a chatting and messaging system that enables the users to send unlimited text messages, make audio, and video calls without any limitations. It also carries a data-sharing system that lets the users send their large files with other HipChat users within a few minutes. The app supports a proper persistent screen sharing and video calling system in the HipChat that provides users with a secure and private environment for chatting and communication.

HipChat is a cross-platform, communication, and messaging system that is available for almost every device and operating system. You can also enjoy all the services of HipChat through the HipChat Web, right over your desktops as well. The advantage of using the web app of HipChat is that it can be accessed from any part of the world and any device and operating system. You can intuitively download the HipChat app from the stores to enjoy the free features of messaging, communicating, calling, and file sharing. LINE is a free messaging and calling app for exchanging instant messages with friends and enjoy making group chats as well.

LINE is available for almost all Like yahoo chat rooms systems and devices. The best thing about the LINE app is that it operates normally over all operating systems. The app supports high synchronization so that you can access it from anywhere and at any time. The users can make real-time audio and video calls to their friends without paying anything.

In terms of messaging and text chatting, LINE is also fully-featured, and contains thousands of stickers and smileys to make the chatting colorful and full of fun. The app also offers the calling system at landline and mobile s as well, and the calls on these s can be made at very cheap rates. LINE is a magnificently used communication and social platform for making a secure connection with the ones you love.

AIM brings a ificant way to make communication with other people in real-time. AIM provides lo of exciting features, and it is not about messaging and communication. Its services are beyond the messaging that it lets you enjoy group conversations, media sharing, and instant notifications. When it comes to text messaging, then AIM provides the users with a free text messaging system where there is no limitation and charges over sending messages to others.

It supports the group chat feature that connects you with more people at the same time.

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