Italian for pretty woman

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Gorgeous is a popular adjective used to describe someone who is beautiful or something that is attractive or pleasant. It can also be used as a term of endearment to flatter someone. Bello masculine and bella feminine mean beautiful. Place -issimo or -issima at the end to add emphasis very beautiful and they become valid translations for gorgeous. Sei bellissima stasera! You look gorgeous this evening! Siamo andati a fare una gita in montagna lo scorso weekend. Il posto era bellissimo. We went for a trip in the mountains this past weekend.

The place was gorgeous. Gorgeous can be an affectionate way of greeting a partner, friend, relative or. Bellissimo works in the same way. Ciao bellissima, come stai? Hello gorgeous, how are you doing? Favoloso m and favolosa f mean fabulous.

Just like English, this word is linked to the word favola fable, fairy tale meaning something fantastic or legendary, in addition to describing something extraordinary or spectacular. Italian for pretty woman spettacolo di ieri sera era favoloso. The show last night was fabulous. Did you watch the latest film with Cate Blanchett? She is gorgeous in it!

As you might have already guessed, incredibile means incredibleindicating something extraordinary that is hard to believe or amazing. I fuochi erano semplicemente incredibili ieri sera! The fireworks were simply incredible yesterday. Incredibile is probably not the first translation that comes to mind for gorgeousbut it can work in situations where the physical beauty of Italian for pretty woman or the weather is being described.

La luce di quel tramonto era incredibile. The light of that sunset was gorgeous. Note that incredibile can also be used to emphasise something negative. Ha avuto un dolore incredibile per tutta la notte. He was in an incredible amount of pain the entire night. Just like favolosofantastico and fantastica fantastic can refer to a fantasy world or describe something magnificent. This book is fantastic! Il tempo era fantastico ieri: sole tutto il giorno, cielo blu e non una singola nuvola in vista!

The weather was gorgeous yesterday: sunny all day, blue sky and not a single cloud in sight! You can also use it to express happiness, or to congratulate someone upon hearing their good news. Abbiamo vinto la gara ieri! Siete dei grandi! We won the race yesterday! Magnifico is magnificent in English, another way to describe something with profound admiration. In the past magnifico was used to describe a very generous person. It could also be a title for an important individual:.

Today, magnifico can be attributed to a person who has accomplished great feats or heroic endeavours. You may come across it in newspaper or magazine headlines, or in the title of a movie:. Splendido means splendid and just like bellissimoit can be used to describe the beauty of something or someone, while also functioning as a term of endearment. Sei splendida questa sera! You look gorgeous tonight! Ciao splendido, tutto a posto? Hey gorgeous, you all right? Stupendo means stupendouswonderfulmarvelous and can be used as a replacement for gorgeous.

Like splendido and bellissimoyou can use it for people too. In questa foto hai un sorriso stupendo. You have a gorgeous smile in this photograph. Il film che ho visto ieri mi ha davvero colpito. La fotografia era stupenda. The film I saw yesterday really blew Italian for pretty woman away. The cinematography was gorgeous. These Italian words are often used to describe something or someone whose look or attitude is too eye-catching or showy. Daily Italian Words. Start here! Menu Start here!

Italian for pretty woman

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