Is daniel radcliffe dating anyone 2013

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As you may know if Is daniel radcliffe dating anyone 2013 a Daniel Radcliffe fan, ol' Raddy is dating the lovely lady pictured above. Her name is Erin Darke, she's an actress and casting assistant, and she has been dating Radcliffe for two years.

Of course, this le to the question: How does one just meet Harry Potter and start dating him? I know, I know. He's not really Harry Potter, and it probably sucks to have to forever live with that close association, but I imagine for anyone who dates Daniel Radcliffe, there's a moment where you go, "Holy shit. My boyfriend is Harry Potter.

So how did Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke meet in the first place? It wasn't because she was a massive fangirl who stood outside an HP premiere, like in your eighth-grade fantasy. While Darke and Radcliffe have kept pretty quiet about their relationship — as in, they didn't have an Us Weekly photo shoot in which they professed their love for each other — the way they met is pretty obvious.

Darke and Radcliffe met on the set of Kill Your Darlingsin which Radcliffe starred as Allen Ginsberg and Darke played a character named Gwendolyn whom Ginsberg hooks up with in the back room of a library. Fun stuff! Nothing jumpstarts a relationship like pretending to perform fellatio on a guy who is fake resisting the fake fellatio because he's playing gay. While we know how they met — or at least, we think we know, since they're very sneaky — there isn't much other info available about their relationship. Radcliffe once told Andy Cohen during an interview, "Yes, I am dating someone.

And my type is … the type I keep private. Here's a timeline of Daniel Radcliffe and Erin Darke's relationship based on what we do know:. Erin Darke probably doesn't care, because she's 17 at the time and soooo over Harry Potter. Darke is five years older Is daniel radcliffe dating anyone 2013 Radcliffe, and with them now being 24 and 29, that isn't a huge difference, but it is big when you're 12 and I think I now understand why Radcliffe has a thing for older women — they aren't harboring the remains of childhood crushes. Sometime in — Darke and Radcliffe start dating.

In April ofit was confirmed by Darke's rep that she'd been dating Radcliffe for two years. Did they come out and say, "Our anniversary is May 22nd! Please view our registry online to send gifts? Darke and Radcliffe, who have been already dating about a year at this point, even though know one knew it, are spotted flirting at a film festival event. According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, "They were affectionate most of the night.

They were a little more obvious outside the venue after they were leaving. Or at least, they leave in a car together following the performance. Radcliffe and Darke probably go see it, and no one notices because they wear hoodies or something. They bought food and went and sat in the park like it was nothing.

Harry Potter chillin' in the park! And no one knew because he had on sunglasses and a cap! This is a crazy world we live in. May 7, — Star magazine reports that Radcliffe and Darke are engagedthat they are headed to Paris to find "the perfect engagement ring," that Rupert "Ron" Grint is going to be best man at the wedding, that it will take place on Lake Michigan, and that Emma "Hermione" Watson has already RSVP'd. For a couple that doesn't give much info to the media, they inspired the most ridiculous celebrity engagement report that has ever existed. May 16, — Radcliffe tells The Daily Beast that he isn't engagedcalls the report "absolute bullocks," and says that a former teacher believed it was real and texted him congratulations.

Look at them being public about their relationship" even though really everyone should be like, "Look at them only occasionally attending formal events together and, I assume, doing really normal, boring stuff the rest of the time, like a regular couple. Way to go, you two! This is how a celebrity relationship is done — Is daniel radcliffe dating anyone 2013 totally cool and giving so little information that the media can only make crazy speculations every once in a while.

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Is daniel radcliffe dating anyone 2013

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How Did These Two Get Together?