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Choosing the 20 sexiest celebrities in Indonesia is a nigh-on-impossible task, akin, perhaps, to shortlisting the best-ever goals scored in football, or the greatest singles ever to chart. There will always be omissions and because of the vast pool of talent in Indonesia there will be many of them. Nonetheless, despite this daunting task in front of me, I took on the challenge and, dare I say it, perhaps even succeeded in compiling a really compelling list of the sexist celebrities in contemporary Indonesia. Needless to say, the list will not please everyone. There are some notable omissions and some controversial inclusions.

So read on. Indonesian sexy actress enjoy! Things are upside-down, inverted, magnified and sometimes even back-to front. And this even applies to names. Dewi Sandra or Sandra Dewi? Well, both are correct of course, but refer to two completely different people. Tiara Lestari Famous for her legendary Playboy and Penthouse photoshoots, the former Javanese model Tiara Lestari strangely got camera shy and gave it all up for a quiet domestic life.

Now married to a Indonesian sexy actress lucky German! Julia Perez L'enfant terrible of the Indonesian showbiz world, the inimitable Julia Perez is a solid all-round performer: dangdut singer, actressmodel, safe sex ambassadorDJ and even aspiring politician! Ratu Felisha Sometimes good girls do become naughty girls.

Novi Amelia After doing a highly acclaimed photoshoot for Popular magazineNovi quickly faded from the public eye. But with a bottle of Chivas Regal safely by her side, she made a spectacular comeback in The only problem - she was in her car at the time! Chantal della Concetta Once a shy and demure newsreader, Chantal Della Concetta has shown that her talents extend to beyond reading the news. Part two to follow! Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog 20 things you should know about Indonesian girls. Indonesian woman love shopping. According Indonesian sexy actress the Indonesia Bureau of Statistics, 43 percent of to year-old Indonesian women live with their parents.

So be very very careful if she invites you back to her place or you might get much more than you bargained for. Indonesian women think dark skin is bad, but they still adore Anggun. Thirty-two percent of women in Jakarta now color their hair, according to Estee Lauder who are obviously hoping they can peer-pressure the other 68 percent.

Jakarta women can't live without tension. Every once in a while she's gonna pick a nasty fight with you for no reason whatsoeve. Yet another Indonesia WTF moment. And this time on the net. What are these girls employed as? Cos these girls are, in fact, therapists.

So if you fancy a difficult afternoon with one of these girls - who will undoubtedly do her utmost to delve deeply into the furthermost recesses of your mind - then you might like to pay a visit to one of the spas owned by the Comfort Group. But why the hell they have 65 therapists on their payroll is way beyond me! Services offered include both traditional and Shiatsu Massage, refleksi foot massagea hot and cold water pool, sauna and steam room and a mini bar and lounge.

So why not finish your tiring day with a happy ending?!!! Also see: The 10 best plus plus spas in Jakarta Contact details for the spas managed by the Comfort Group, undoubtedly some. They are: 1 Hotel Alexis, which was closed down for political reasons by the new Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan and 2 Illigals, which was "closed" and promptly reopened with a new name due to its reputation as a drugs den.

In place of Hotel Alexis, therefore, I would instead put Classic Hotel on the list - a real humdinger of a t in this madcap city! A list of the top ten plus plus spas in Jakarta? Okay, Indonesian sexy actress further ado or should that be aduh!!!

Malioboro Spa. Over cynical and commercial yet fun if you stick with it — a bit like watching Chelsea on one of their better days. Emporium Indonesian sexy actress. Overpriced but the facilities are pretty good.

Indonesian sexy actress

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