How do you say hello in colombia

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Are you planning to go to Colombia? Do you love the Colombian culture? Meeting new people and catching up with old friends are great ways to immerse yourself in the language of this incredible South American country. One of the most interesting things about Latin America is the variety How do you say hello in colombia ways people greet each other. Colombia is one of the biggest countries in Latin America after Brazil and Peruand has many diverse regions: Pacific and Caribbean coasts, mountains, plains, the Amazon jungle, and the center.

Each of the zones has numerous unique words that you will not hear in other parts of Colombia. Those unique phrases include ways to greet people. But your goal as a language learner might be to sound like a real Colombian and that is why we have created this list for you. This is the universal greeting in Spanish no matter what country you visit, so it gets first place on the list. Hola is commonly used as a greeting word but it should be followed by something else if your goal is to sound natural. And why take the default greeting when there are so many options?

This is much less common in coastal areas. Colombians are naturally upbeat people. But once you have a conversation with someone in Colombia, you will feel more comfortable and able to talk casually and informally. Believe me, you will impress! It is a friendly and very common greeting. Although it is not very common, people sometimes use this phrase when starting a conversation. While this is a very Colombian way of saying helloyou will rarely hear it in the coastal areas of the country.

This one sounds very polite and is usually how older people greet each other. It can also be how an older person greets a younger person. Rarely used among close friends. Use this word when you enter a business or a home, and you want to say hello. It works really well and makes you sound like a true Spanish speaker. These phrases sound the same in all Latin American countries. These common phrases will make you sound like an authentic Colombian. Practice them knowing that Colombia is a country of people who are friendly and willing to talk to you and help you improve.

Finally, which one did you like best? Remember that you can use any of these greetings throughout Colombia, however, it is more special when you visit a certain area and greet it the way everyone else does, so you can show everyone your Spanish skills and make many friends quickly.

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How do you say hello in colombia

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How To Say Hello in Colombia