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Kansas City is known around the world for barbecue. Over the last few months, our team has spent hours researching and amassed piles of Styrofoam takeout boxes sampling hundreds of tacos to make this guide to our thirty-five favorites in Kansas City. Blue Ridge Blvd. The peculiarities of area freeway paths formerly made it quite a hike to get to cheap, casual street tacos from Brookside or Waldo. The taqueria tucked inside a strip mall off Metcalf is simple, the made-from-scratch tortillas are tasty, and the service is fast and efficient for a quick in-and-out lunch.

The coastal state of Sinaloa is famous for banda music and for its rich cuisine, including a style of citrus-marinated grilled chicken made famous by the El Pollo Loco chain—now based in Los Angeles but born in the town of Guasave. A post shared by kc plates kcplates. It may be the hanging pinatas, the smell of homemade tortilla chips, the welcoming stove hands or the assortment of Mexican snacks and sodas, but something about Tacos El Gallo feels antiquated and genuine.

The woman at the Tacos la Guera order window recommends the asada, and she is absolutely right to do so: It is delicious, faultless. You should get the lengua, too. Crispy fried cracklins these are not. They are just fatty enough to remind you of bacon—and just as addictive. Pull up to Tacos la Guera any night Hot Overland Park guy in la 35 the week and take note of the fandom: whole families and groups of friends sitting in their vehicles, happily plowing through paper plates piled with tacos.

Hot Overland Park guy in la 35

Birria is the filling, which takes everything you like about tender beef barbacoa and makes it juicier. Calling all spice fiends: Do you gravitate toward bottles of hot sauce that have FDA warning labels? Do you carry whole serrano peppers in your bag for emergencies? Are you looking for your next fix? I think of the Chicken King as much as a barbecue restaurant as a taco spot. As you can tell from the tall stacks of firewood lining the east wall, the birds here are spatchcocked and cooked over live fire, sucking up lots of smoke as they make their way across the grates and to your foam plate.

I smiled behind my mask and thanked him. In my car, I popped open the Styrofoam. Three tacos stared up at me, a tangle of vibrant cherry-red pork, neon-pink pickled onions and emerald cilantro inside crescent moon corn tortillas. I picked up a taco, intending to sample the goods before driving home and giving the rest to my roommate. I see these tacos in my head, I feel their weight and warmth in my hands, and I recall the sublime layers of flavor. They taste so good, he says, because he puts so much of his own heart into this dish.

Hot Overland Park guy in la 35 banana leaves cover the pork, locking in moisture and a subtly sweet, tropical buzz.

Hot Overland Park guy in la 35

Traditionally, a whole suckling pig—the cochinita—is wrapped in banana leaves and buried in an earth oven—the pib—to cook, but Alvarez is keen on avoiding any health code violations. After marinating, the pork roasts slowly for ten hours. To serve, Alvarez forms a canyon with two corn tortillas, which he orders weekly from Tortilleria Morelos in Arkansas, and then spoons in a smoky chipotle sauce, then the cochinita pibil and garnishes.

His instinct is spot-on. Are these the best tacos in Kansas City? But they are special. They are precious. They have so much heart. This classic KC Mexican spot, opened by a Vietnam vet, makes a Sonoran-style taco with a flour tortilla, moist beef strips and, oh yeah, mountains of iceberg lettuce and shredded cheese on top.

Santa Fe St. A post shared by Joshua Smith yumthatsfire. Second Location in Shawnee. A post shared by Mi Pueblito Meat Market mipueblitomeatmarketks. A post shared by Mission Taco t missiontacot. The brothers grew up in California before migrating to St. Taco trends come and go, but menudo is forever. At El Menudazothe simple menu delivers on both. The shop has developed a cult following for its menudo, a slow-boiled soup of tripe and hominy said to cure hangovers, colds and whatever else ails you. We owe a lot to the humble pig. Bacon, of course. Al pastor. The list of porcine gifts is as long as a CVS receipt, and it includes—though perhaps not as prominently as it should—oreja pig ear.

A post shared by Taqueria El Poblano taqueriaelpoblano2. You can think of lengua as the gateway to the broader world of offal. Not even warm butter melts with this much grace. El Poblano serves its street tacos in the customary corn tortillas with cilantro, onions and a generous helping of guac, which Hot Overland Park guy in la 35 not cost Hot Overland Park guy in la 35.

A post shared by Jill Robison jillkatr. Tripas are cleaned, boiled and then pan-fried ask for them extra crispy before getting a rough chop and touching down in a corn tortilla landing strip with red onion and cilantro. Playfully gummy, wonderfully farmy, this tripas taco shows the rest of them how it should be done. A post shared by cravingskc. Five locations including the original at Southwest Blvd.

Hot Overland Park guy in la 35

If you were only going to eat one taco on this list—though you should instead eat many tacos on this list—this would be my top pick. Splashed with green or orange salsa, these are beef tacos in their purest, most elemental form. A post shared by Sancho Streetside Hot Overland Park guy in la 35. Spoiler: only good things.

Austin-born Summer Moon has locations across Texas, all serving coffee made from beans that are roasted over an open fire of oak and drinks that use its own Moon Milk creamer. These are textbook Texas breakfast tacos, with fluffy eggs and a bit of bacon nestled in a super-soft and pliable flour tortilla, and they pair well with a latte. Every once in a while, you come across a dish that bowls you over.

When he and Ana Mirandashis co-chef and wife, opened their food truck inhe dusted off the family recipe. In Mexico, vendors sell tacos de canasta out of a basket the canasta lined with plastic and wax paper, which keeps them warm. Fillings vary, but Lezama braises pork shoulder with lard and a pepper medley for four hours before draining the liquid.

The effect: a little crunch, a lot of flavor and total satisfaction. At Hot Overland Park guy in la 35 Hernandez, it is delicately stewed until it shines, resulting in a taco filling that is boldly, unapologetically beefy. The storefront is bordered in a bright orange paint. up to get the latest from Kansas City Magazine delivered to your inbox. Magazine Newsletters. Seventh St. View this post on Instagram. Photo by Jeremy Theron Kirby. Photo courtesy of Tacos La Guera. Photo by Katie Currid. Photo by Natalea Bonjour. : FeaturesFood. Related Posts:. How 4 Kansas City-famous foods were invented.

The greatness of Town Company is the excuse you need to get back to fine dining. Newsletters up to get the latest from Kansas City Magazine delivered to your inbox. The Magazine. Trending The 40 best restaurants in Kansas City—we ate at hundreds to pick them. Here are the 43 best kept secrets in Kansas City. I love hotel bars—here are my favorites in KC.

Hot Overland Park guy in la 35

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