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There is a lot of meaning in our names. I remember poring over baby name books trying to find just the right name for our children. My own name has a bit of interesting history behind it. Mom blamed my Grandma for the mistake, and Grandma claimed confusing paperwork!

While we may have just one given name, God had many different names given to him- Elohim, El, and Adonai to name a few. God describes his character in many ways in Scripture. The list is extensive! The excuses start immediately. Feeling inadequate? Comfortable with his life the way it is? The task seems impossible? The Hebrews took Great i am scripture reference stock in names- they believed that they expressed something ificant about their character. If Moses could go to the Israelites with a name that conveyed authority and power, maybe the plan would be better received.

If we were scholars in the Hebrew language, it would be super helpful, as apparently Hebrew verb tense usage comes into play in the explanation. I had to read that a couple of times to take it all in. So in those few words, God expresses himself perfectly. He gave himself a name that describes his full existence, plan, purpose, power, and assurances. God was everything they needed and he was not going to fail or let them down. You know the rest of the story. But in the end? God does exactly what he said he would do. He did it for the Israelites, and he does the same for us.

The exact same God that guided the Israelites is the exact same great I AM who walks beside us every single day. His intensity of purpose and care for us in our lives has not changed since the days of old. He is your God. He is I AM. We need to remember the sacredness and fullness of his name. He wants us to remember him this way as a way of comforting us. If we truly believe he is who he says he is, how could we not trust him in the workings of our lives? Someday we will see his full glory and be in his presence. Until then, let the glorious name I AM invade your Great i am scripture reference and prayers this week.

As I was working on a house painting project yesterday, I had my Christian music playing. I hear those songs frequently and never noticed it before. It was as if God wanted me to know that indeed, the great I AM is with me today and all my days. My prayer for you this week is that you will feel him at work in your life in the same way! View all posts by admin. This is a really great lesson in not only who God is but who He says He is! This was a great lesson reminder, AnnMarie.

Our great I AM, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I love hearing this over and over. The same God who did all of the miracles in the Bible, the same God who used the improbable is walking with Me. I am grateful for it! What an amazing reminder of how faithful our God is! You added to my understanding! So cool. I kinda figured it was speaking to his eternal nature, but my take was that He was also saying He is eternally in the now… if that makes any sense.

I feel like lots of scripture calls us to be present — not dwelling in the past or worried about the future. I totally agree Christina, it makes a lot of sense. I like your comment about being in the present! Thank you for this wonderful reminder. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. But there is only one time He gives himself a name. It is here that God reveals himself, the name he gives himself, to Moses, and to us.

I Am that I Am Spiritual Meaning If we were scholars in the Hebrew language, it would be super helpful, as apparently Hebrew verb tense usage comes into play in the explanation. Pin me for later! Published by admin. Next post God Gives Good Gifts.

Loved this lesson…. Thanks for the sweet and encouraging comment! Our God is an awesome God!! Such a wonderful reminder! So thankful that He is always with us. So hard to fathom, but so comforting to lean on our faith in Him! Thanks Great i am scripture reference Comment Name Website.

Great i am scripture reference

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