Find love again

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These are people who have built incredible lives for themselves. You then begin to doubt your own standards. Maybe you are? Everything around you seems to affirm the impossibility of finding a loving relationship with an emotionally available partner who you actually connect with and are attracted to.

For me, it took shifting my mindset and identifying the mistakes I was making more than it ever took implementing any kind of rule or technique. I initially wanted to make this list about how to find love but then I remembered…. You could be fishing with the most expensive, top-of-the-line fishing equipment known to man and no matter how incredible the equipment is and how skilled you are at fishing…. A few weeks ago, my best friend was at the Smithsonian these are our exact texts.

They are personal, unedited, and I apologize for any incorrectness grammatically or politically. My intention is always to be real and help. These beings that look exactly like chimpanzees would huddle around eating things they found, and then a couple million years later they looked slightly more human, huddling around fires, then hundreds of thousands of years later huddling around fires with tools. Then about a hundred thousand years ago, finally they started to look more like people. Millions of years of males and females huddling around fires together and procreating.

All I can think about is how hard it is to find a mate given this has Find love again going on pretty naturally Find love again millions of years. I think they were a lot less picky then. It is hard. Unfairly and annoyingly and hopelessly hard to the point of it being maddening. Especially when you were put on this planet to be the fire Find love again them all. The fire helped them connect in the ways that they could and Find love again. You are I are fire. Most people are ashamed to admit they are fire because we are conditioned to aim for acceptance into the group that surrounds it.

Sometimes my flames burn theirs out or theirs take the irons out of mine. Which is even more annoying. We will lose our own fire if they rely on ours to keep theirs going. Bottom line: You are pure fire. Give yourself the time to get to know someone. This is Find love again they all needed to huddle around it. The key here is to understand that true love cannot be found — It can only be made through connection.

The secret to attracting true love is to truly love yourself. It just is. And the only ones who will ever appreciate your fire on the level that you deserve… they have that same fire within them too. I love you!! You are so smart, creative and hilarious!! A daily dose of your post would help anyone. Thank you for all that you share!!?? This post just made it easier for me to understand what exactly to look out for in all my future relationships and to be comfortable in burning bright though others may not hurdle around my fire.

Thank you once again Natasha?? Denise, I agree completely. This tribe has become a safe haven for me to return to as well! Love and light to you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart — It truly takes one to know one. Everything that you see in me, you possess more than my words could ever express. And I am just so happy and Find love again to not only have provided a mirror for you through my work, but especially happy to know that you are finally beginning to see the beauty, power, capability, resilience, and strength I saw from day 1.

Thank you for your love, sisterhood, and support. I love you xx. I love this Natasha!! Reading it over my lunch break. As we know with the recent horrific Californian fires, strong fire spre quickly and leaves nothing untouched. I hope the fire in my belly and heart spread and touch people but with love and empathy.

I have to search for my whale and see if he too has his own roaring fire to mine xxx. I literally was beginning to doubt myself and my standards, it really will make you feel as though you are losing your mind. When you know exactly what you want and what you have to offer yet you cant find anyone to finally give it to.

Your posts helped me to reinstate my belief in myself and gave me hope not to give up on finding a true love but just the puddle I have been fishing in. Thank you so much! It totally does. I remember feeling like I was losing my mind and then started to question reality.

Love you. I owe my life to you. This is my favorite of all your posts. Thank you for being so vulnerable and using your pain to help us out of our own. It was a reserve of these coals that they always had for themselves and they knew that they could easily start a fire to get warmth, cook food, etc. My fire was what attracted my ex to me but he was a big reason that it got snuffed out factor in a loss of boundaries and self love. Much love and light to you! You, your love, and this beautiful message made me tear up. You got this! This post actually made me tear up since it was everything I needed to hear right now.

So grateful for your fire Natasha and this tribe. Thank you so much for reminding me of my own fire and that I have to truly love myself if I want to attract true love. Love you so much soul sister! Thank you!

I wish it took as long to get a book completed as it does to read one lol. Glad that the course has been helping. You got this and I am always here for and with you. Love you too. Believe more in who someone has unfolded to be and who they are right now, in this moment, than you believe their apologies. Know your worth. You will lose every time.

The only ones who will ever Find love again your fire on the level you deserve — They have that same fire within them too. The key here is to understand that true love cannot be found — It can only be made. What you have to find is not love. You have to find a person Find love again is capable and worthy to make it happen with.

Find love again

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