Dating someone covered in tattoos

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Here's a list of ten phenomenal things a man with tattoos brings to the table. Let's be honest ladies, until you find your prince there's so many frogs it's like a reenactment of the Egyptian plague. Searching for the right man can be exhausting but that could be a result of looking for love in all the wrong places. Often times what happens is females come up with a certain 'type' of man they desire through life experiences.

Although it's wonderful to have focus and a vision for the future, a narrow mind is limited. Perhaps tattoos didn't make the mental list of traits because of their rough stigma or rowdy stereotypes but maybe those things are not always true.

Maybe there's more to what meets the eye when it comes to those men decked out in body art. Some women spend their whole lives searching for the one man who is brave enough to put a ring on it. He is aware of the no turning back factor. He sticks to the decisions he makes. He is a keeper of his word. Dating a man with tattoos means getting to know that expressive soul. Going over the s again and Dating someone covered in tattoos, sifting through the details. Studying the fine Dating someone covered in tattoos, reading between the lines, memorizing his personal patterns, all in hopes to one day solve the mystery of a man and his tattoos.

Impulsivity is commonly thought of as a bad quality however, when it comes to dating a tattooed man it might be best to think spontaneity rather than recklessness. Sure, there may be some regrets and perhaps not every tattoo on his body is steeped in meaning. Even before making the choice to get that black and gray half sleeve he was an expressive person. Tattooed men crave adventure even in the most mundane and they always find it.

This reason right here is a personal weakness of mine. Men who have tattoos approach romance in their very own knee-buckling way. Just like everything else about him; the kindness, the mystery, and the sensitivity, the way he romances is anything but typical. Tattoos cover scars both metaphorically and literally and a man covered in scars is bound to be a little dark and twisty.

Think brooding, gothic, and severe the type of dangerous that excites much more than it terrifies. Who could resist a toe curling passion like that? Oh, and as far as a tattooed man in formal wear, the effect is inexplicable. This point alone might just be the best one on this whole list. For the women out there who like their men rugged as in beards, and that certain type of unconscious masculinity, the tattooed man is for you.

To him flaws are fantastic, jagged pieces and things littered with fractures are what he finds absolutely enchanting. Perhaps it is because he himself with all his stories engraved in his skin, knows nothing about perfection, and if it was perfect, well that would just be boring. Honesty appears to be a nearly extinct practice that we could all stand to reinvest in.

That dynamic, multilayered outside springs from a sensitive, artistic inside. When it comes to pain he can grin and bear it with the best of them and when the time is right he has a passionate dark side the never ceases to thrill. Reasons like this make dating a tattooed man hard to resist. Still not convinced? Read 24 completely logical reasons why you should date a man with tattoos.

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Dating someone covered in tattoos

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What You Need to Know About Dating A Guy With Tats