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While Dark Souls is a co-op game, it is completely different from every other co-op game out there. In order to do any sort of co-op, you need one player to host and Dark souls pc co op matchmaking to. The ing player is referred to as a phantom, and their character will have a white, ghost-like appearance. In the original game, a host is able to summon 2 phantoms and be invaded by one invader.

The Remaster allows you to summon 3 phantoms and 2 invaders using an item called a Dried Finger. This merchant is located near the first bonfire of the Undead Burg. If the host dies, every phantom will be returned home. Phantoms that die will return to their own worlds, but the host will remain in his as long as he survives.

Anything you do in a hosts world will only be for their game. Nothing you do there will affect your world in any way. Many people have voiced their opinions on this, saying it ruins the fun of playing the game with friends. Single-player Dark Souls is the purest form of the game you can get. Playing with friends does make it much easier than normal, but it can still be a challenge. Navigate to the Network Settings in the menu tab to access Password Matching.

No one else can see yours or you unless they have the same password. If they still are having issues then it might be a network issue. Any player who wishes to be summoned to another world needs to first obtain the White Soapstone. He can be found before you cross the bridge to the Undead Parish and is recognizable by the red sun on his clothes. He should give it to you right away upon speaking to him.

The Soapstone will be in your inventory, and can never be consumed. Any player that wishes to summon you has to go to the exact location the was placed. The will appear on the ground, and a host has the option to click on it to view the name and player model of the one who placed the. It might take a few minutes to appear, so wait a few minutes to allow for the server to update. You will spend most of Dark Souls in a hollowed state. Whenever you become human, a single death will return you to being hollow.

The only way to view a summon that has been placed by players is to become human. There must be at least one Humanity in your inventory, which will be consumed upon reversing your hollowing. There are a few good Dark souls pc co op matchmaking to being human, such as increased item discovery. Any friends you have with you in co-op can help you defeat the invader, so many people will make it easier. If an invader comes into the world, the phantoms should be the first ones in line to fight while the host does their best to stay alive.

The obvious solution is to find another place to put one, so keep searching. The entire world is split up into areas where the White Soapstone can and Dark souls pc co op matchmaking be used. Certain areas you can only place a summon once you have completed a certain in-game event. If I go into an adjacent room, the is able to be placed just fine. Summoning a player depends on the status of the main area boss. Bosses will increase in HP with each phantom that s the world.

The more players you have, the harder the boss will be to defeat. The boss only targets one player at a time, making it very easy for the attacking player to get some good Dark souls pc co op matchmaking. After defeating the boss, both players will receive some souls.

The phantom will be returned to his own world, and the host can no longer summon any more players. When it comes to playing with random players in co-op, things get a little more complicated. Playing with anyone through Password Matching removes any summoning restrictions the game may have, but random summon s have a few caveats. This is to stop players with the top weapons and gear from coming into your world one-shotting every enemy and boss in the game.

It also stops people from dropping you super overpowered gear that will make the game a piece of cake for you. As long as you use Password Matching, you can negate this entire mechanic. The developers were thoughtful enough to allow us to co-op with friends of any level! The weapon level mechanic is one that was introduced in the Remastered version of the game.

Once again this is something that can be bypassed using Password Matching but affects every other player doing co-op. The Way of White covenant makes players likely to be matched with others of the same covenant. It also makes players less likely to members of a hostile covenant. The Princess Guard will give you a greater chance of ing others of the same covenant. Members of this covenant will be given access to special multiplayer miracles: Bountiful Sunlight and Soothing Sunlight.

The Warriors of Sunlight covenant gives players a golden summon and also makes their phantom gold in co-op opposed to the white it normally is. They also get a multiplayer miracle called the Sunlight Spear. Anytime a player defeats a boss with the help of another Warrior of Sunlight, they both will receive a sunlight medal. The medal can be used to increase your rank in the covenant. The Remastered edition of Dark Souls changed a few aspects of co-op that slightly change how the game works.

They are completely separate versions of the game with a separate set of matchmaking rules. The soul level matchmaking formula was changed, along with the addition of the weapon level matchmaking feature. A lot of players argue that Dark Souls is a journey that should be experienced alone. While this is partially true, Dark Souls co-op is just another example of the many different options it gives players. There are a few things that co-op will negatively affect gameplay some people may see them as positives. The first thing is that the game becomes immensely easier.

Having a second person in your world can do more for you than having an amazing weapon could. Phantoms can lure out enemies or draw the bosses attacks while the host is able to whittle down his health. The health of the bosses is also increased based on the of co-op players in the world. Playing through an area in co-op will make you lose a lot of the thrill of exploration and tension in Dark Souls. Having another person there makes everything seem less stressful and scary, which is a major part of the Dark Souls atmosphere.

Without that tension, it essentially becomes just like every other game. The second thing is that when an invader comes, chances of defeating him are much higher than one player fighting one on his own. Speaking of invaders, there is a greater chance of having one invade while you are playing co-op.

I see this one on Reddit and other forums all the time. This has also happened to me until I finally found a way around it. When I tried to summon my brother for some co-op, the Use button on the White Soapstone was crossed out and gray. Remember how I talked about summoning locations above? Place the White Soapstone in your item slot where you can see it. Simply run around the in an area you wish to place it.

Yet another glitch my brother and I have encountered. This can be happening for a of reasons. One is that one of you has the wrong password set up. First, check to make sure that both your passwords match. They must be exact matches. Next, check your Dark souls pc co op matchmaking status. Both of your Matchmaking regions must be the same too. Summon Visibility is a setting used to reduce the of s in a given area. A lot of people are confused as to exactly how it works, but keep the setting at Unrestricted for the best.

Be patient. The summon might take several minutes to appear, so wait at least 5 minutes for it to show up. The only Dark souls pc co op matchmaking you can possibly get it back now is to defeat him and loot his body. Co-op in Dark Souls is a confusing, yet very fun part of the Souls series. There is always the potential to run into bugs, but the few issues listed here can be easily fixed. I recommend playing the game through at least once solo for the full experience. After that, you can enjoy playing this amazing game with your friends.

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Dark souls pc co op matchmaking

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