Best way to use poppers

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You may have noticed that most newsagents in the city centre are now de facto hehops. Sniffed your last wrap of MDMA? Shops have stopped selling booze? No problem. People mostly take them on MD to intensify the high throughout the night, as a quick way of coming back up to euphoria. The effect is brief, but bright and brilliant. For students, scene kids, ravers and sexual beasts, poppers are a staple drug accessory these days in nightclubs, at flat parties, and -this is essential -on benders.

Always have your Best way to use poppers ready. There is nothing more pitiful than wide-eyed, grown adults scrambling together for change at 3am to buy a bottle of solvents to abuse. This absurd display has held up many late night queues. Preferably leave the shop without cracking the bottle open for a hit. When sniffing on a dance floor, do so slyly as bouncers may chuck you out, or pocket the bottle for their afters — probably both. Avoid being noticed by groups and being too altruistic for your own good.

Having four or five people crowd expectantly around you drains the bottle rapidly, and increases chances of someone dropping it or bouncers noticing. The liquid goes dead and loses strength and it smacks of being a rank amateur. Stick with Febreze for that chat. Avoid drinking them as they can kill you. At a party once in second year, a guy had a beer in one hand and poppers in the other. Maybe the best thing about poppers is fucking on them. Really, poppers have a lot Best way to use poppers utility value for many different things, and are worth unsheathing from your party quiver.

And if you end up pulling, then I really do mean lots of different things. So, if a good night for you is drinking booze, taking chemicals and huffing solvents, you clearly live on the edge. These points may just help you falling over it. Cheers to actually making friends this year. Thomas Hornall. Typical on newsagent counters. The most formal exchange of poppers ever. Be more discreet. Apparently this is how people inhale them.

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Best way to use poppers

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