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I did look this up before I went to the Czech Republic as an option, but it kind of happened out of nighttime boredom. I was only backpacking in Prague for a couple of days. The first day I got there in the afternoon on a flight from Rome. When I checked into my hostel I tried to find a time that I could do laundry, but the only time I could do it was 8 pm that evening. I was in desperate need of some clean tee shirts so I just took that time and went out exploring. That day I hobbled all around on my broken leg and crutch, seeing as much as I could and eating like a king Asian massage blog barely any money.

Exciting night huh? The washer and dryer automatically set a timer based on weight, and I guess I overloaded it because it took about 2 and a half hours. The only roommate in my 6 person hostel room was super anti-social. I was rubbing my non-broken leg that was tense from being overused and dreaming of a real massage. Then I thought about a special massage. The male brain jumps to sexual situations pretty easily. Most of them were either closed or closing soon, but there were a few open until am. I was too embarrassed to make the phone call to these places, but some of them had their listed saying you could text them on WhatsApp.

I shot off texts to three different locations to see what the price was for an hour and if I could still come in that night. They were still open and told me which 3 girls were working that night. I checked the website and almost fell out of my chair. All three of them could be supermodels. Just a massage alone at that point was worth that much money. So now I had something to look forward to while I was impatiently watching my clothes flop around in the dryer. The machine ended a little earlier than planned, so I had some time to kill.

I took out 2, CZK for the massage, tip, and extra money in case I needed a cab or something. There were people walking around outside of where it looked like the address was, so I looped around until the coast was clear. There was just a large door opened halfway that led to a pitch-black alleyway. At this point, a smart person would have left, rather than trying to explore a dark space in a foreign city in the middle of the night.

Not me though! I put my phone on flashlight mode and crept into the alley. I already had my scary movie moments at the Rome hospital, so now I was really pushing my luck. Up the stairs, I went. I got up one flight and a tall gorgeous brunette came to the top Asian massage blog the stairs to welcome me. She introduced herself as Lili and Asian massage blog me by the hand to follow her to a couch in a hallway and told me to wait. I expected this to be a run-down place, but it reminded me of the regular massage places back home.

There were just a lot more Buddhist symbols all over. And a giant fish tank. Lili came back, but she brought 3 other women with her. They were all wearing tiny robes that revealed a lot of their bodies. The least attractive was still way out of my league. There was a brief moment where I thought about asking for 2 of them to massage me. Luckily the smarter, less horny, Mike from earlier knew to only take out what was needed at the ATM. At the moment, this seemed like the toughest decision of my life. I felt like I had built up a rapport with Lili on the way in, and she was incredibly beautiful, so I chose her.

She smiled and took me by the hand to the massage room. I felt uncomfortable haggling at this point even though I was told a cheaper price earlier. Lili pointed to the shower in the corner of the room and told me to wash up and then lay on the bed in the middle of the room. She stepped out to give me some privacy, which is kind of ironic. I tore off my clothes and jumped in the shower. It was a large shower up on steps, but with no door. The showerhead was a handheld one that I fumbled around with.

With the lack of a door, I accidentally shot water out of it and soaked my clothes. Then I went to the bed and laid there on my stomach completely exposed. The bed Asian massage blog luckily very clean. It was two layers of very thick sheets that at least smelled like they had just been cleaned. It was a strange feeling laying there with my ass out in a giant room waiting for a stranger to come in. I could feel my heartbeat laying there waiting. Lili finally Asian massage blog in carrying towels and massage oil.

I half-turned and gave a very Asian massage blog hello. The wall in front of me was a floor to ceiling mirror so I could watch her take off her robe oil herself up before me. My soldier was immediately at attention, but uncomfortably because I was laying on my stomach. It started out with a normal back massage.

She was actually giving me a real massage, working out the knots in my upper back. Lili moved down to my legs and kept teasing the family jewels by grazing her hands against them with a deep upper thigh massage. After a bit of the regular massage, she straddled one of my legs and kept the massage going.

Again, I had the mirror view so this was a beautiful sight for me. She added some more massage oil to her body and started to slide up and down me as she massaged me with her hands. There I was on my back with at least part of me pointing to the ceiling. Was she going to just go for it and end the encounter? She kept going with a real massage, pulling my arm out and massaging my bicep and chest. She managed to do this seductively, yet therapeutically. Again with the legs and the upper, upper thigh rub to tease entice nether regions.

Then she started the sliding again, with a focus on bringing her breasts up and down my crotch. Her hands made their way up with her breasts and there was an actual penis massage. It was more than just a regular run of the mill HJ. She was sensual about it, not rushing to get me out the door. There is only so long a man can hold out after the kind of build-up and she brought that part of the massage to a successful ending with her hands and her body. Lili closed her eyes and at least faked a look like she was pleased with herself.

Her hands moved more slowly now, really milking the moment. There may have been a bit of a mess so she reached for a towel and wiped me off and then herself. She moved behind my head and continued to massage my neck and my shoulder as I was settling down from our encounter. She put the robe back on and walked out of the door. Worth it. Lili came back in as I was struggling to put my air cast back on my calf and offered to help. She Asian massage blog already done enough for me so I declined.

The short answer is yes. In Europe, there are 8 countries that have prostitution fully legal with regulation, a handful of countries that outlaw it entirely, and a few that it is legal but unregulated. The Czech Republic falls into the latter. I have no idea. I want to keep writing honestly about the things I do and try on my travels to either entertain or educate travelers. When you were at these erotic massage spas, were you allowed to touch the girls while they were giving you a massage? It seemed like at this place it would have been ok for some light touching.

Thank you we aim to work with friendly ladies who are genuine and give good quality erotic massages! Great place to visit if you want to completely relax. Lovely atmosphere and beautiful girls. I was in Rabbit Hall.

Had the best massage of my life. The young lady with a greek first name was absolutely gorgeous, with a perfect body, and just the right Asian massage blog little bit naughty mindset that you need. Honestly, it was a couple of years ago so I forget how much I spent exactly. Hi,i was there and the prices are really good something around CZK per hour.

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The closer I got, the more anxious and nervous I got. She dimmed the lights and moved beside me. There was a lot more of this Asian massage blog a lot more of the teasing until she told me to Asian massage blog over. She walked me out to the front door, gave me a deep hug, thanked me, and wished me a good night. I slept like a baby when I got back to the hostel. Will I do this again? Where do you find a happy ending massage?

Oh sorry, I made that confusing with my exchange rates. Asian massage blog Name Website.

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The Time I Got an Erotic Massage in Prague