7 types of love greek

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Yet difficult in that there are many unwritten rules on dating and relationships, including when and when not to say these three little words. However, if we looked back, we could learn some valuable insights from the ancient Greeks who have long figured out that love is not singular. Love has different faces and manifestations. If yes, you have Eros, the god of love, to thank for that racing heartbeat every time you see that person. When translated, eros means romantic or sexual love.

This is beyond physical beauty since this kind of love makes a person and everything about them beautiful and mesmerizing in our eyes. Eros can evolve with longer exposure to our partner. As Plato believes, this kind of love defines beauty in its truest form.

Philia is a dispassionate love between friends, teams, mentors, and communities, meaning that unlike erosthere is no romance in it. Remember the times you wanted to ease the pain and suffering of a friend? Or the time your relationship with them got stronger after the two of you shared a meaningful experience? The respect, familiarity, equality, and understanding that you have towards them are the foundation of this type of love.

Aristotle also introduced another form of philiawhich is philos. Philos is defined as a general love for peers, community, or an activity. The most distinct feature of philia is our free will to allow someone to be in our lives in this capacity.

The highest form of love, agape is pure and all-consuming. With agapeone loves without ifs and buts. One has a heart for all humanity and is kind and compassionate toward others without asking for anything in return. Agape is the ultimate goal of relationships because to love unconditionally means to accept fully without judgment and hesitation. Those butterflies in your stomach are the best description for this type of love. While eros tends to fizzle out eventually, pragma is the one that lasts. It has endured obstacles and has matured into a kind of love that stays throughout any challenges that life may throw.

In order to achieve pragmaa couple must be patient, understanding, forgiving, kind, and able to make compromises to stick together. The Greeks believe that philautiaor the love of the self, is about the compassion and gentleness we give to ourselves. Cultivating philautia starts with accepting ourselves and understanding all our strengths and weaknesses. From there, we 7 types of love greek begin getting the things we need or doing the activities we love to do.

Once we feel the rush of joy and find 7 types of love greek purpose in these things, our self-esteem 7 types of love greek grow, and it will be easier to love ourselves and let others love us the way we deserve. Storge is the most natural form of love because we were born into it. Families naturally love each other because of their commonalities. Because of this, love is not earned. We tend to forget to be kind and respectful, and we take things for granted because we know that no matter what happens, our family will love us and not leave. This could then breed resentment and animosity among family members.

In order for storge to work, we should practice it actively instead of simply counting on the strength of familial bond. One might say that it all boils down to one thing: love. However, the value in knowing the different faces of love lies in the understanding of its manifestations. This is how we can start giving and receiving love better. Ludus and pragma are opposites in the sense that ludus is young, fresh, and all about fun, but pragma has already been on the rollercoaster ride of life. Which one are you looking for in your life right now?

Understanding our feelings towards others will bring us clarity into what we could do to express the kind of love we are experiencing. After all, if living is loving, then we need to do it with purpose and intention. Inspirationfeed Inspiring and educating bright minds from around the world. Table of Contents.

7 types of love greek

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8 Different Types of Love According to the Ancient Greeks